Asian Poker Tour Extends Hand To Michael Phelps

As much as he loves the Denny’s Grand Slam, an occasional bong hit and the watery kicking of Milorad Cavic’s ass, Michael Phelps may enjoy one thing even more. He has expressed the desire in the past to one day play poker professionally, and has been seen haunting casinos on more than one occasion. That’s why it just may be possible that he’ll be appearing at the Asian Poker Tour event in Macau next week.

If Phelps accepts the invitation, you know who’s going to be next to show up. Sitting across from Phelps at the $10,000 no-limit hold-’em table will be his old nemesis, The Pope.

“You dodged me in Rome,” growled the Pontiff, slowly removing his sunglasses to reveal a pair of cold, bloodshot eyes. “But now you’re mine.” (Dramatic pause). “Beat these!” (Throws down a queen-high straight).

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