Brooks: BCS Booger Eaters Ruin Rose Bowl Fun

I went to the Rose Bowl with SbB Girl Wendy Thursday and here’s some more fun photos from the game:

FUSC Shirts Penn State fans at 2009 Rose Bowl

(Penn State fans only thing that kept me entertained throughout the day)

Not many locals (besides Cardinal and Gold Kool-Aid drinkers) whom I spoke to had any interest in attending. And after the stinkbomb dropped by Joe Paterno’s charges, Angelenos were certainly justified in their disdain for the game.

SbB Girl Wendy with Penn State fan at Rose Bowl game

(SbB Girl Wendy right before the Jack Daniels-breath contact buzz set in)

Penn State fans saved the day with their enthusiasm, so all wasn’t lost. But safe to say the atmosphere around the game would’ve been heightened considerably if we had a college football playoff. (But the BCS booger eaters will have none of that!)

USC Hottie at Rose Bowl Game

(Apparently he’s a Booty fan)

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