Neuheisel Takes Helicopter To HS Football Game

• Need to make it to a high school football game on time? Just do like Rick Neuheisel does - call in the choppers!

Rick Neuheisel Blue Thunder helicopter

• Maybe Vince Young knew what was going to happen when he didn’t want to go back on the field on Sunday.

• Sorry, Chad - no Ocho Cinco game jersey for you this week.

• With Brady bounced for the year, are New England Patriots fans ready to rally ’round the Cassel?

• One Colts fan bucks at the thought of paying $1,280 for brand-new stadium seats that turn out to have obstructed views.

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Rosario Dawson Has A Great Pair Of, Um, Hands

Actress Rosario Dawson has had a pretty impressive career. She hasn’t won any Academy Awards or anything, but ever since she first showed up on the big screen and captured our heart in the feelgood comedy of 1995, Kids, she’s had steady work.

Of course, I had no idea that she had become so tired of the acting world that she’d decided to give it up entirely to pursue her other dream. That dream? Why playing tight end for the Carolina Panthers, of course!

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