Warriors Win NBA’s Most Screwed Up Team Award

A team of headcases. Every league has to have one. Where the players’ antics are bound to grab the front pages as often as the back. Where the front office competes with the players to see who respects the coach less. Where every fan of a losing team can look, and say, “at least I’m not a fan of those guys.” But with Isiah Thomas gone and the Knicks actually looking like they have a plan, who inherits the title of the NBA’s problem child?

Don Nelson

(This is how Don Nelson looks when he wakes up every morning.)

Quietly, but surely, the ridiculousness has been mounting in the Bay Area. The Golden State Warriors are an absolute train wreck right now, with the team making up injury reports, threatening their own players to opt out of contracts, and at least four players missing tonight’s game with dubious — or no — excuses.  Click to after the jump to find out why, as bad as your squad might have it, at least you’re not a Warriors fan.

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Danica Puts Pedal To The Metal, Gets Pulled Over

• Whether racing ’round the track or cruising your neighborhood streets, Danica Patrick is not a girl that likes to take things slow.

Danica Patrick Bikini

(She’s so fast, the clothes zip right off her!)

• In a blow to male fantasies everywhere, the courts have ruled that cheerleading is not a contact sport.

Ed Hochuli strikes again - this time costing a Packers RB $1.35 million.

• As an NU fan, I personally do not want to remember the Alamo Bowl.

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SbB Caption Contest: Ronny Reachin’ for the Stars

Hey there, readers! Time to make your Tuesday a Woo!-esday with another fun & frivolous SbB Clever Caption Contest!

Today we take aim at Ronny Turiaf of the Golden State Warriors:

Ronny Turiaf Golden State Warriors

What point do you think RT is trying to make? Submit your suggestions into the comments section linked below. Winner to be announced in the end-of-the-day recap, along with the chance to score a collection of Ronny’s used cornrows.

Good luck and good writing! Make the Gonzaga alum go ga-ga!

Blogenspiele: Celts Won A Playoff Game On Road

  • That’s no surprise to 100% INJURY RATE, who doesn’t think much of the Pistons right now.

Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett

Kobe Will Only Jump Over Expensive Automobiles

Watching Royals outfielder Joey Gathright leap over pitchers and cars must have made quite an impression on young & impressionable Kobe Bryant, since the Lakers star felt the need to do one better.

Kobe Bryant Joey Gathright

But while Mitsubishi sedans may be good enough for Gathright, such autos are underneath Bryant. If Kobe’s going to get high (in the air, we mean), he’ll need a classier vehicle, like an Aston Martin - a moving Aston Martin.

So, was Kobe able to clear the car? Check out the video, if you dare:

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