Michael Beasley Checks Into Rehab Post-Pot Photo

• After a purported pic of pot pops up on his Twitter account, Miami Heat player Michael Beasley has been checked into a rehab facility.

Super Cool Beas Michael Beasley tattoo

• Car accidents? Plane crashes? Stranded in the Canadian wilderness for days? Junior hockey coach Punch McLean has survived it all.

• Will American sports teams soon follow their European counterparts and start banning unruly fans from their games?

Ron Zook takes exception to Urban Meyer’s recent mutterings about the Zooker’s alleged terrible treatment of Florida freshmen.

• ESPN plans on showing this season’s USC-Ohio State football match-up in 3-D. Cringe in terror as Jim Tressel’s sweater vest engulfs you!

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Zook Fires Back At Meyer Over Frosh Comments

Last Friday, we wrote about Urban Meyer questioning Ron Zook’s reign at Florida, and how horrified the new Gators coach was to learn that during his predecessor’s tenure, freshman players were treated as “non-people“. Hey, you can’t just go around zinging the Zooker without expecting any kind of heated response.

Urban Meyer Ron Zook

Well, you’ll eventually get a heated response. At first, Zook was allegedly amused by Meyer’s comments, even joking that he doubted anyone in Gainesville would even remember who he was. But after having a few hours to think about it, Zook soon changed his tune from amusement to annoyance.

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Urban Meyer Puts The Ol’ Clown Suit On Ron Zook

Other than a few folks in downstate Illinois, a washed-up NFL QB, and perhaps a certain native Mattoonian writer, it’s hard to find anyone who would admit to being a big Ron Zook fan. At this point in his career, the book on the Zookster is pretty much written - he’s a great recruiter-slash-snake-oil salesman who, when it comes to actually running a major-college football program, is essentially clueless.

Ron Zook, waterskiing

But it’s one thing for the media and fans to bash the guy; it’s quite another for his successor at the University of Florida, Urban Meyer, to do the same. But that’s exactly what Meyer did today. As Zook himself would say, this is “getting better and better.”

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Jeff George’s Annual Plea For An NFL Roster Spot

It’s a story that happens every year - retired NFL quarterback alerts the media to his intention to consider playing again. The QB’s supporters in the media kick up the “will he or won’t he” rhetoric. Speculation on where he might land abounds. But most people just scoff at all the kerfuffle and wish the guy would just hang ‘em up and go away.

Jeff George June Jones

(Never forget.)

We are, of course, talking about former NFL quarterback Jeff George. Yes, it’s that time of year where the NFL bust with the rocket arm informs the world he’d like another shot at an NFL roster. The only surprising part about it is that the news didn’t come in a Jason Whitlock column.

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Creepy Jr. High Football Recruiting Site To Launch

Just when you thought that the world of college football recruiting couldn’t get any more creepy, the CHICAGO TRIBUNE has a story that will practically make your skin crawl. Apparently, there is a new Web site ready to be launched that will evaluate the performance of junior high football players and promote the best players for notice by college recruiters.

Todd Marinovich as a kid

(Todd Marinovich, age 18 months, ready for his first college recruiting trip.)

That’s right, for all the Marv Marinovich wannabes who can’t want until high school to drive their child into a downward spiral of unrealistic expectations and the relentless pursuit, you can now get a jump start on the competition and start putting the pressure on your 11-year-old to get that football scholarship…or else.

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Pierce Ramps Up Some Good Laughs on “Kimmel”

One final fond farewell to Will Leitch, and a hearty welcome to A.J. Daulerio.

• Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce shows up on Jimmy Kimmel’s show in style - by coming on stage while riding in a wheelchair.

Paul Pierce in wheelchair for Jimmy Kimmel show

Justin Gimelstob, tell us how you really feel about Anna Kournikova.

Darrell Arthur did a lot of traveling Thursday night without ever leaving Madison Square Garden.

• The inspiration for Alla Kudryavtseva’s big upset over Maria Sharapova: “I don’t like her outfit.

• Are the Cubs looking to get the “L” (flag) out of Wrigley Field?

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Rose Bowl Thrashing Not Reality Enough For Zook

U of Illinois head football coach Ron Zook is an absolutely dogged recruiter and coming off a top season for the program, complete with Rose Bowl appearance as the sacrificial lamb to USC and Pete Carroll.

So, what is he doing for a follow-up with this new-found attention on what used to be a floundering program? He and his football team will be part of a season of reality TV on the BIG TEN NETWORK.

Ron Zook, waterskiing

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s Teddy Greenstein says “Illinois Football: The Journey” will be a 10-13 episode series airing on the conference’s cable channel, which has had some difficulty getting off the ground and into homes.

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Zooker Nearly Drove Mendenhall To Quit Illinois

Rashard Mendenhall, now in camp with the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, said he was close to “walking out” on football during his senior year at Illinois.

Rashard Mendenhall

Rashard and his brother Walter played together for the fighting Illini last season. When Rashard left for the NFL, Walter transferred to Illinois State. And neither had anything nice to say about their former coach, Ron Zook.

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Pats Cheerleaders Now Fresh Out Of High School

If MMA is mainstream, why weren’t more media members at the fight?

• The Patriots’ cheerleading staff sure likes to hire ‘em young.

Rebecca Lewis Patriots high school cheerleader

• If his football season fails, Jason Taylor is ready to start filming.

• Porn purveyors are not allowed to sponsor Kimbo Slice on CBS.

Zinedine Zidane needs a better lock on his laptops.

• The Minnesota Twins try to pump up attendance by selling some seats at a gas-inspired discount.

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Zook Sings, Cubs Zing To 7-Game Wrigley Sweep

The Chicago Cubs rolled the Colorado Rockies 5-3 on Sunday, hoisting up the ‘W’ flag for the 7th time in their 7-game homestand. With the win, the North Siders now enter June with the best record in baseball.

Ron Zook

And they have Ron Zook to thank for their sweet Wrigley sweep.

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