Ex-Pack GM Regrets Calling Holmgren Pig-Headed

Former Packers GM Ron Wolf is regretting comments he made about Mike Holmgren, calling the ex-Green Bay coach “pig-headed“.

Ron Wolf Mike Holmgren

The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL ran an article last week reminding readers that Wolf blamed Holmgren for the Packers’ defeat against Denver in Super Bowl XXXII.

While in Green Bay last August, Wolf said Holmgren didn’t change his offensive scheme to handle the Broncos’ blitzing, resulting in a 31-24 loss: “When you fail to adjust in critical situations you’re going to lose, and that’s what happened here. To be pig-headed about it, I mean, to have the answer and then not apply it, that’s a little different.”

Wolf doesn’t deny making the statements, but doesn’t see why they’re being dredged back up.

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