“Bull Durham” 20th Anniversary - A Sequel Soon?

Writer/Director Ron Shelton was back around some old stomping grounds on Wednesday, helping celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the most well-known sports movies to hit the silver screen.

Bull Durham movie poster

The movie, of course, is “Bull Durham“, Shelton’s cinematic masterpiece about the lives, laughs & loves in the world of minor league baseball. Ron had returned to Durham, NC, to partake in the celebratory festivities honoring the film.

But during a luncheon, Shelton mentioned the possibility of a plan that’s death to many a memorable movie - a sequel! Read more…

Bull Durham Director To Makes Bonds-Balco Film

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports today that celebrated filmmaker Ron Shelton, who made our all-time favorite baseball movie “Bull Durham”, is planning a film on the book “Game of Shadows.”

Barry Bonds Game Of Shadows

The book chronicles Barry Bonds’ dealings with BALCO and baseball’s descent into the steroid era. Shelton is working up a script for the project, which will be aired on HBO.

So how will Shelton portray Bonds and Roger Clemens in the movie? Read more…