Bush’s Only Biggest Defenders: Jaworski, Gruden

Last night on ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast, play-by-play announcer Mike Tirico asked ESPN NFL analysts Jon Gruden and Ron Jaworski what they thought of Reggie Bush forfeiting his Heisman Trophy last week.

Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden

Despite Bush being ruled ineligible by the NCAA for the 2005 season, which retroactively violated a Heisman Trophy bylaw required of a Heisman winner, both said it was unfortunate that Bush had to return the 2005 award.

Ron Jaworski on Bush giving back the Heisman:

“I think it’s (giving back the Heisman) the wrong thing to do. He won the Heisman with his play on the field. I know there was a lot of pressure on him. He wanted to put this behind him.

He decided to give the trophy back but he earned that trophy. When is the Heisman suppose to be an enforcement agency for the scholar athletes or student athletes? He won the award, he should keep it.”

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Tony Kornheiser Is Out At MNF, Jon Gruden Is In

Tony Kornheiser’s three years in the booth at Monday Night Football have been pretty uneventful.  Some people liked him and his humor in the booth, while others would rather have had a real football mind instead of the guy who was supposed to appeal to the common man.  Personally I didn’t really care because when I’m watching football I’m not paying attention to the announcers as mush as I am my fantasy team.

Still, while I was never a huge fan of Kornheiser in the booth, I did think he was a lot better after Ron Jaworski replaced Joe Theismann.  Of course none of that matters anymore because once Tony saw that this season’s MNF schedule included a few trips to the west coast and that he’d have to get in a plane more than usual, he decided he’d had enough.  Now he’ll be replaced by former Raiders and Buccaneers coach, and horror movie star, Jon Gruden.

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Ex-Giants WR Forgot To Show Up For Prison Time

• Ex-Giants receiver Mark Ingram is on the lam for skipping out on the start to his prison sentence. What kind of example is that for Plaxico to follow?

Mark Ingram Giants

• The Kings Sac(k) the Lakers in a rare Cowtown beatdown.

Corey Dillon is a bit concerned if it really takes 14 months and $470,000 to fix a Ferrari.

CC Sabathia bolts the Brewers to set up shop in the Bronx.

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AFL Going Under? Internet Reports, You Decide

You know it’s a slow news day when the Internet rumor mill deigns to discuss Arena Football. And normally the AFL would be thrilled that people are even talking about them, but probably not this time; the scuttlebutt has the league alternately contracting, suspending operations, or shutting down altogether.

Jon Bon Jovi and Ron Jaworski

(The AFL is indeed, if rumor is to be believed, livin’ on a prayer.)

The sum total of the sources right now appears to be two players on the Columbus Destroyers, and a reader of the COLUMBUS DISPATCH with a “friend with close ties to one of the west coast teams.” So let’s not get our britches tied in a knot just yet. Still, there are plenty of reasons to think the AFL might be in some serious trouble.

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Jaws Harpooned In Golf Course Takeover Lawsuit

Ron Jaworski, former Philadelphia Eagles QB, has been plenty busy since retiring from the NFL in 1989.

Ron Jaworski Caddyshack

He’s best known for his role as ESPN’s resident football Rain Man, breaking down game film like he’s Raymond Babbitt talking about Wapner. But Jaws also landed the MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL analyst gig last year, and owns part of the Arena Football League’s Philadelphia Soul along with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. In addition to all that, he manages two golf courses, and is in the process of adding a third, Running Deer Golf Club.

Which seems harmless enough - except that Running Deer is bringing Mr. Jaworski to court.

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Monday Night Football Promises Actual Football

Imagine that. For a monolithic network famous for its perceived inattentiveness to viewer concerns, ESPN/ABC may finally be listening to its audience. Over the years, the Monday Night Football broadcast booth had been host to a steady stream of politicians, musicians, celebrities and assorted individuals unrelated to the product on the field. That’s changing.

Writes the ORLANDO SENTINEL’s Dave Darling: “ESPN says it has listened to viewers and promises the show will be more about football with fewer distractions this year, dropping the booth visits by everyone from presidential candidates to ABC network stars”

It’s those ABC network stars that probably have most people huffed up. Read more…

Blog Jam: Jaws Promises New Eyewear This Year

• DEADSPIN keeps an eye on Ron Jaworski, as the NFL analyst promises to don some new glasses this season.

Ron Jaworski

Eric Angevine of ESPN THE MAGAZINE checks out some of the unusual sports memorabilia up for bids on eBay, such as a George Brett album.

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK late-hits us with news that Rodney Harrison has been voted by coaches as the NFL’s dirtiest player.

• UNDRAFTED FREE AGENT doesn’t feel so small in listing their choices of the 10 biggest Napoleonic complexes in sports.

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