Blog Jam: Randle El Boasts He Can Outrun Bears

• NO OFFSEASON.COM can’t bear to hear the Redskins’ Anwtaan Randle El claim that he can out-gallop a grizzly.

Antwaan Randle El can outrun a bear

• USA TODAY’s GAME ON finds Ron Hunter getting off on the good foot, as the IUPUI basketball coach is on his way to Africa with 200,000 pairs of shoes for the poor.

• BRAHSOME tees up news that Phil Mickelson will be showing up in an episode of “Entourage” this season.

• The gun show goes on in Tallahassee. First it was Preston Parker. Now Scott Carter of TAMPA BAY ONLINE reports that Charlie Graham is the latest FSU Seminole facing firearm charges.

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“First Take” Can’t Possibly Be This Entertaining

Like Shaq in the Champagne Room last night, SbB limps to the finish …

• ESPN has apparently now embargoed any Dana Jacobson news.

Dana Jacobson Belvedere Vodka

Al Davis wants to derail Lane Kiffin’s Raiders coaching career.

Jim Spanarkel used to be a sexy (Blue) Devil - now he’s a sexy Pirate.

• If a Ray Lewis lie detector test falls in the woods…

Tony Romo ended his relationship with Jessica Simpson - to marry his college sweetheart?

Tony Romo

• The latest LaDainian Tomlinson action figure features the Chargers RB with his end on the bench.

• A college basketball coach goes barefoot to end the agony of poor kids without shoes.

• The Pistons brawl starter ends his freedom with another drunk driving charge.

Basketball Coach Goes Barefoot For Good Cause

Ron Hunter doesn’t have to worry about sneaker deals, as the college basketball coach recently went barefoot for a game.

IUPUI coach Ron Hunter barefoot

The INDIANAPOLIS STAR bounces over news of Hunter, the IUPUI coach who decided to go shoeless for the Jaguars’ Summit League contest against Oakland. Hunter’s stunt was done to raise awareness for Samaritan’s Feet, an organization aimed at providing footwear for those less fortunate.

Through his long-term efforts, the coach was hoping to eventually collect 40,000 pairs, with many going to African children. By game time, he already reached his goal - and then some.

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