MLB Swindler Was “Nostradamus w/ Better Body”

A few years ago, the NEW YORK magazine published a fascinatingly dull piece about a “life coach” named Azra Shafi-Schelierini who had been spending plenty of time with the Mets and Yankees. There were anecdotes about how easy she is to talk to, and how Jason Giambi “won’t go to the bathroom without her,” which seems just plain weird. But it never really addressed what it is she does, or more importantly how she made money. People don’t really charge by the hour for this stuff, right?

Azra Shafi-Schelierini
(Ooooh, what does she see? She must see things that we can’t see. Oooooooh. Psychics are real.)

And so while we see that Ron Darling’s quotable assessment of her physical attributes is certainly correct - assuming Nostradamus wasn’t some gorgeous ex-model lady, of course - her mental faculties may have been overstated just a tad; she’s now in prison on grand larceny after a series of swindles.

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Jeter On Camera Phones: “Worst Invention Ever”

Derek Jeter has been the Yankees’ shortstop since 1995, and in that time we’ve seen Al Gore’s baby, the Internet, morph from a primitive means for science nerds to communicate (yeah, Arapanet!) to a sophisticated network of tubes that allows anybody with a camera phone and a USB cable to get their message halfway around the globe in the time it takes to Google “A-Rod’s manly stripper friend.”

Derek Jeter Comic Book Guy

Amazingly, Jeter has somehow managed to stay above the paparazzi fray when it comes to negative publicity, even though he’s one of the most recognizable athletes playing in the largest, media-frenzied market. But that doesn’t mean he’s happy about how technology has made his life more difficult.

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