Mag: Romo Cheated On Simpson ‘In Her Own Bed’

By now, you’ve probably seen the latest pics of Jessica Simpson and how’s she’s … um … to put it nicely, “got more of her to love” - or to put it not so nicely, “got really fat”. In case you forgot, here’s a friendly reminder:

Jessica Simpson fat

Now, you may argue whether Jess’s new larger-than-life look jeopardizes her status as a sex symbol. (Whether she was a sex symbol to begin with is another matter of debate. With evidence like this, I lean toward “yes”.) But there seems to be one person who might not be so big on Jessica becoming so big - her footballin’ beau, Tony Romo.

A super-sized Jessica could be the reason behind claims that the Cowboys QB is calling signals behind the singer-actress’s back. In other words, Tony is cheating on Jessica!

Tony Romo Jessica Simpson

(Is this the end of America’s Favorite Couple?)

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