Lakers Win! Let The Looting & Jackassery Begin!

• The Lakers fans’ celebration in downtown L.A. was a riot. No, seriously.

Hotties at Lakers fans postgame riot at Staples Center

(These Lucky Strike lasses are wanted for questioning. They didn’t do anything wrong - we’re just looking for an excuse to talk to them.)

• Among those witnessing Kobe’s non-Shaq title triumph was Chris Brown & Rihanna - along with a fake Rihanna.

• With his 10th NBA title ring, Phil Jackson should finally call it a career - at least according to Charles Barkley.

• Now that the NBA & NHL seasons are finally over, we can turn our attention to the titles that really matter: the World Air Sex Championships.

• In a recent photoshoot, Anna Kournikova shows she’s still A-OK.

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Soccer Chairman Kidnaps, Assaults Car Thieves

Not to roll out back-to-back soccer posts, but sometimes the news is just too good to keep a lid on. The Chairman (read: President/CEO) of Romanian soccer side Steau Bucharest, George “Gigi” Becali, is so street that he, quite literally, is a gangster. He worked his way to dominant (51 percent) ownership of the Champions League and UEFA Cup level squad by selling land he didn’t own to the Romanian Army, and he’s pushed out every challenger to his soccer reign of terror that has ever emerged.

George Gigi Becali

(This really is George Becali. Swear to God. It’s not some kind of a Godfather photo or something.)

Well, now ol’ uncle Gigi is under investigation — and detained in Romania — for kidnapping and assaulting three men who had the misfortune of choosing his car to steal. According to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, Becali called in six of his best strongmen to head out and chase down the thieves, threaten them at gunpoint and then leave them stranded in a village way the heck outside of town.

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The Perfect Video You Were Supposed(?) To See

Many viewers - especially in New York, not so much in Boston - will fondly recall the Reebok ad immediately shown after the exciting conclusion of Super Bowl XLII:

But LARRY BROWN SPORTS digs up the version you were supposedly supposed to see, had Eli played like E-L-I instead of the M-V-P in the closing seconds:

In following with the NFL’s policy on Super Bowl apparel, the above ad will still be shown in Romania & Nicaragua.