Dallas To Rip College FB HOF From South Bend?

For many years some of the top high school football talent in Texas — a state ripe with football players — have ventured north to South Bend, Indiana, to play football at Notre Dame. Well, now it seems that the state of Texas would like to take something back from South Bend for itself. Specifically, the College Football Hall of Fame.

College Football Hall of Fame

Dallas mayor Tom Leppert has joined a star-studded group of people including Roger Staubach, Deion Sanders, and T. Boone Pickens in campaigning to have the Hall of Fame relocated to Dallas where Leppert believes that they can bring a lot more to the experience.

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Blog-Another-Round: The NBA Draft Drinkin’ Game

• ROTOHOG is set for a thirsty Thursday of their own, as they serve up their version of the NBA Draft Drinking Game.

NBA Budweiser beer glasses

Darren Rovell of CNBC smells something rotten about the so-called Tiger Woods apple core for sale on eBay.

• MiLB.COM takes a behind-the-scenes look at video of the ballgirl making such a great leap forward. (Bonus: the article is written by Benny Hill.)

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK discovers that the woman who was recently arrested with Marcus Vick had earlier in the yea sued Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown.

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Staubach Scores w/$700M Real Estate Co. Buyout

Things seem to be rolling Roger Staubach’s way. First, his Navy Midshipmen finally beat Notre Dame for the first time since Roger was under center in Annapolis. Now, the ex-Cowboys QB is about to become $700 million richer.

Roger Staubach corporate suit

FORBES reports that the Staubach Company, Roger’s real estate services firm, is about to be purchased by a larger conglomerate for a sum about as handsome as he is:

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Roger Staubach Enjoys Sex Video With Phyllis George

NFL PLAYERS ONCE ONLY HAD SEX WITH ONE GIRL? *GASP*! Sports blog DEUCE OF DAVENPORT has this classic clip from a 1975 interview between old(est) school hottie Phyllis George and Roger Staubach:

Roger Staubach lets us know that in between Hail Marys he likes a bit of the in-out on occasion.