NFL Starting To Come Forward On Head Injuries?

For a while now, we’ve wondered how the NFL’s going to handle the incoming landslide of evidence coming toward them, universally suggesting their sport can be very bad for the neurological health of the people who play it. That’s damning stuff, and it’s borne out both anecdotally (in the case of Mike Webster) and scientifically (in the CBC’s study that put linemen’s life expectancy at a scant 52 years).

Rod Smith Concussion Number Four
(Rod Smith’s four (reported) concussions don’t bode well.)

Fortunately, the NFL recognizes that it can’t keep its head in the sand forever, and today marks a rather watershed moment: one where the league announces that a study that it commissioned has indicated a much higher propensity for dementia in former players.

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Blog-A-Roni: Eyeing Larry Johnson’s $300K Watch

Chris Mottram of THE SPORTING BLOG takes time to admire Larry Johnson’s $300,000 watch:

Larry Johnson $300,000 watch

And Grandmama even suggests a payment plan to own one for yourself: “You could deal crack and get it in three weeks.”

• ESPN swings over news that Ian Poulter has a lot of (golf) balls, as he can soon challenge Tiger Woods.

Ian Poulter quote

• AOL FANHOUSE learns that Major League Baseball is asking if their umpires are members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Kelly Dwyer of YAHOO SPORTS is scared of Hubie Brown.

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK via AWFUL ANNOUNCING is always entertained by the keen observations from Emmitt Smith - such as referring to LL Cool J as “L Cool JJ“.

Emmitt Smith LL Cool J

Matt Moseley of HASHMARKS bets that Vegas desperately wants Patriots fans to take a gamble on their team.

• CBS 4 DENVER has video of Broncos WR Rod Smith speaking honestly at a Barack Obama rally.

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