NY Mets’, Scott Linehan’s Seasons End Too Soon

• The New York Mets are out of the playoff picture, thanks to a late-season swoon. This is not a repeat.

Scott Linehan Mets fans

• Not Ram tough: Scott Linehan is given the St. Louis toodle-oo.

• Don’t call it a comeback: Shawn Kemp goes AWOL from his Italian b-ball club, blames it on Hurricane Ike.

• Hard to tell which was more painful to watch - Anquan Boldin taking a hit to the helmet, or the Jets’ Titan-ically terrible throwback duds.

• The Brewers’ season-ending run was exciting enough to make you tinkle in your trousers. But make sure you don’t sing “Go Cubs Go!” at Miller Park.

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Elton Brand Buys One Of Rocky Balboa’s Houses

When it comes to the six Rocky movies that have been made, different people have different opinions about which movie in the series was the best one. While some consider Rocky II and Rocky III the best ones, from my experiences discussing these films, most people claim the first or fourth efforts as their favorites. Personally, I like Rocky IV because not only does he avenge Apollo Creed, but he also crushes Communism in the process. Still, what generally everybody agrees on is that Rocky V was the worst one.

Of course, the fact that Rocky V sucked did absolutely nothing to keep new Philadelphia 76er Elton Brand from buying the house used in the movie.

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Habs Fans Clad Rocky Statue In Canadiens Clothes

A couple of Montreal Canadiens fans have been caught committing some blasphemy by blanketing Rocky in a Habs jersey.

Rocky statue in Canadiens jersey

THE 700 LEVEL shoots over pics & video of some neighbors to the north having fun with Philadelphia’s favorite fictional character. The desecration comes as Les Habitantes face the Flyers in the Eastern Conference semis. Read more…