Music Games More Popular Than Sports Games?

Perhaps we should have seen this coming when the big improvement for Madden 09 was the addition of Cris Collinsworth. Or maybe we should have seen it coming when that cute chick at the office suddenly declared she was buying an XBox 360, squealing “I love Journey! My sorority used to sing that song at bars all the time in college!” But music games have finally surpassed sports games in popularity. The awesome Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack is not amused.

John Madden Football

(Any excuse to run this photo.)

So lazy talentless rock star wannabees now outnumber lazy talentless athlete wannabees, according to a new study by market research firm Odyssey. It’s not a huge surprise: both lifestyles boast riches, travel and groupies, but unless you’re an underachieving white wide receiver, only the rock star lifestyle features cocaine.

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