Rafael Nadal Can Indeed Be Beaten; Here’s How

Apparently we’ve found the one hole in Rafa Nadal’s game: Dude’s swat shot is lacking.

Rafael Nadal Double Faults After Being Distracted By A Fly

(Brush with fly led to double fault by Nadal)

If I’m Robin Soderling, I’m overnighting David Cronenberg’s telepod out of storage right about now.

Jeff Goldblum In David Cronenberg Movie The Fly Telepod

Too late? Maybe he can retrofit a local tanning bed.
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Nadal Stunned, Ivanovic Bounced At French Open

A few days ago, the WALL STREET JOURNAL ran an article contemplating the virtual impossibility of beating Rafael Nadal at the French Open, and you can understand why. He was chasing his record fifth-straight title at Roland Garros, where he had never lost a match. His career record on clay 150-5. At the French Open, Nadal was pretty much a one-man wrecking crew.

Rafael Nadal

But apparently, Robin Soderling doesn’t read the WALL STREET JOURNAL. Which isn’t that shocking, since he’s Swedish and all. But what the 23rd seed lacks in financial media acumen, he makes up for with a powerful serve, which was far more important today as he beat Nadal in four sets in what the NEW YORK TIMES is calling “one of the biggest upsets in the long history of tennis.”

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