Series Now Tossup After Game Sick Performance

Suns Coach Alvin Gentry last night at Staples during Sun-Lakers WCF Game 5:

If Phoenix is to extend the series on Saturday, it’ll once again come down to bench play.

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Lopez Plays In NBA, Sleeps With Stuffed Animals

For more than a year the world has known of the awkward splendor embodied in the two rather large bodies of the Lopez twins, NBA rookies Brook and Robin. While both are still trying to prove they’re not the latest incarnations of Frederic Weis, they’re rapidly ascending the pantheon of goofy professional athletes.

Robin Lopez sleeps with stuffed animal

So far Brook has kept a relatively low profile in New Jersey, averaging 10 points and seven rebounds per game in relative anonymity, but Robin has been showing flashes of his quirky personality on the Suns sideline, where he has to compete with both Shaquille O’Neal and Steve Nash for comedy minutes, even if he lags far behind the starters in time on the court.

Well, maybe Robin should be getting more face time, as new photos from THE SPORTS CULTURE confirm just how odd a duck he is. Not only does he sleep with a stuffed Minnie Mouse on the team bus, as you can see above, but he’d also love to be a ninja. Read more…

Mary Carey’s Secret Sixers Sweetheart Revealed

• Turns out it was Jason Smith that was the anonymous Sixer who made merry with Mary Carey.

Jason Smtih Sixers Mary Carey

• Motorcross racer Sophia Paull is sure to rev some engines.

• Congraualtions, Larry Fitzgerald! You’re officially a proud papa!

• Here’s photographic proof that Michelle Wie & Robin Lopez are an item.

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New: Robin Lopez Photographed With Michelle Wie

HAWAII HOOPS, via STANFORD SECRETS hustles up to present photographic proof of Michelle Wie and Robin Lopez cuddling up as a couple in Stanford class.

Michelle Wie Brook Lopez together

(She must have a Joakim Noah fetish - who doesn’t?)

You might remember, we reported the news last week, via a hopelessly buried lead in SI.

Now that we’ve confirmed the two are truly an item, we have some handy romance advice for Lopez.

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Lopez Twins Leaving Stanford For The Big League

Brook & Robin Lopez, the twin towers of power of the Stanford basketball squad, seem to have had enough of life on The Farm, as the brothers have decided to go pro.

Brook Robin Lopez Stanford

The twins’ mother, Deborah Ledford, told the ASSOCIATED PRESS that her sons will forgo their final two years of collegiate eligibility and enter the NBA Draft. The pair - or at least their mom - is already on the lookout for agents. But how will they do in pro ball?

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Michelle Wie, Robin Lopez Apparently A Hot Item

Ramona Shelburne of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED pens a piece on a day in the life of Stanford’s 7-foot-1 basketball brothers Brook & Robin Lopez.

Michelle Wie Robin Lopez dating

While skimming through the tall tales of Disney infatuation and Michael Jackson fandom, we came across a short blurb of interest: Read more…