Pac-12 Referee Who Kneeds Replacing: Part One

From the contents of the video below, it’s not unreasoonable to observe that there’s more than an insignificant chance that Pac-12 referee Michael Batlan affected the final outcome of the Stanford-USC game Saturday night at the L.A. Coliseum.

As if the above, abject incompentence wasn’t enough, stay tuned for Part Two.

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Kiffin: Two-Way Players For USC Will Be ‘Common’

Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS reports on how USC’s Barack Obama-inspired head football coach, Lane Kiffin, plans to combat massive, NCAA-directed scholarship losses in the coming seasons.

USC football media guide in black and white

(So THAT explains B&W media guide)

With scholarship cuts looming following NCAA sanctions, USC coach Lane Kiffin said Monday that two-way players could be common for the Trojans the next few years.

“That’s really something I’ve talked about a lot,” Kiffin said. “Especially three or four years from now. We need to figure this team out … We talk about (the lack of depth) all the time. We have to plan for injuries this season.”

USC is facing a whopping loss of a 30 scholarships over the next three seasons if the school’s appeal of NCAA sanctions is unsuccessful.

One Trojan excited about multi-use is freshman wide receiver Robert Woods. Wolf: Read more…