Washington Nationals Officially Fire Rob Dibble

The Washington Nationals announced today that Rob Dibble was no longer part of the club’s announcing team. The Nationals offered no further comment and did not name a permanent replacement.

Rob Dibble and Bob Carpenter

(Dibble’s (l) Nationals career survived by former partner Bob Carpenter)

Dibble originally departed Nationals broadcasts on August 25 after questioning Nationals Pitcher Stephen Strasburg’s willingness to pitch through pain. The timing couldn’t be worse for Dibble, as Strasburg was ruled out for the season by team doctors with a pitching arm injury shortly after the analyst’s comments.

At the time of Dibble’s apparent leave of absence, club president Stan Kasten said, “Rob asked for some time off. Perhaps he’s not feeling well. But I’m not a doctor, nor have I seen his records. So I shouldn’t say anything more about it.

Kasten’s comment was reportedly a veiled shot at Dibble for his criticism of Strasburg.

Former MLB player Ray Knight has been filling in as analyst on Nationals TV broadcasts on MASN since Dibble’s initial departure but the club has not made clear if Knight’s position is permanent.

Dibble’s original criticism of Strasburg came on the former Reds pitcher’s radio show on August 23. During the show, Dibble questioned Strasburg for coming out of a game against Philadelphia two nights earlier: Read more…

‘Southside Kid’ Obama Can’t Name a Chisox Player

After throwing out the first pitch at the Nationals-Phillies game today in D.C., Barack Obama visited with the Nats TV broadcast team, which included former White Sox pitcher Rob Dibble.

Obama Can't Name Single Player On White Sox Roster

(Obama’s  first pitch also served as pregame flyover. Handy.)

Obama to Dibble on why he wore a White Sox fan to throw out the first pitch in Washington: “I’m a Southside kid, I gotta make sure (White Sox owner) Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t get to angry with me.

Dibble: “Having played with the White Sox for a short time, I know how the Cubs fans and White Sox fans go back and forth. Who was one of your favorite White Sox players growing up?

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Nats’ Announcers Get Apopleptic Over Strasburg

As we mentioned over the weekend, the Washington Nationals’ brass were all in California, ostensibly to convince Stephen Strasburg to sign before the deadline of midnight tonight. But the weekend came and went without a deal, and the odds are awfully low that Strasburg’s a member of the Nats by the time the clock strikes 12.

Rob Dibble and Bob Carpenter
(”And that’s why I think we’re dealing with the baseball equivalent of Satan here.” “Well said, my friend.”)

That fact wasn’t lost on the Nationals’ in-house announcers last night as they called the Washington-Cincinnati game, a 5-4 rally win for the Nats. While watching their team fight with another bottom-feeder in a game of absolutely no relevance, the broadcast team lit into Strasburg and agent Scott Boras with a jarring fury.

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Dan Patrick Paying Stations To Pick Up Radio Show

PATRICK SYNDICATOR PAYING STATIONS TO PICKUP SHOW? The two major Chicago print outlets, the TRIBUNE and SUN-TIMES, felt the need to report today on Dan Patrick’s doomed new radio show.

Dan Patrick

The Tribune has the news that Patrick’s syndicated show is being picked up by Chicago’s WSCR-AM. The live show airs from 8am-11am CT, but the WSCR will air it at 10pm CT. So the show’s content will be a half-day old and minus all the breaking sports news of the day. How compelling. Well at least we have Dan’s effervescent personality to fall back on.The Sun-Times adds that Patrick’s show, which is mired on mostly second-fiddle sports stations in small markets (and is also tape delayed - Hello Cedar Rapids! - in many cases), will soon count 100 affiliates.

That sounds impressive on the surface, but how many of those stations are in major markets, run the show live and don’t just run the show because Patrick’s radio partner Premiere and/or (more likely) Jimmy De Castro of The Content Factory is PAYING THEM TO PICK UP THE SHOW?

We’ve heard from several industry sources that Patrick’s syndicators are indeed attempting to pay stations to air the show. We haven’t seen the pay stubs and cannot confirm this unequivocally, but it absolutely would not surprise us.

Dan Patrick Rob Dibble

All this news makes us sad. Once upon a time, we really did enjoy Dan on SportsCenter. And we even reveled in the first iteration of his ESPN radio show with Rob Dibble. But if his former ESPN radio affiliates haven’t already clamored to sign up for his services, and the best he can do is paying stations to broadcast his plodding program, it appears this is not going to end well.Two words Dan: GAME. SHOW.