Mangini Puts Rookies On Bus Trip… For 10 Hours

Hazing: it’s a problem. Sure, it’s not the horror show that superconcerned talking newsheads or bad afternoon movies make it out to be, but it’s still a good way to create unpleasantness and lingering distrust among a group. Oh, and team unity or something. Still, it’s bad enough that all sports ban it outright.

Short Bus
(There is absolutely no evidence that a short bus was used to transport any players. Then again, there’s no evidence that there weren’t any used…)

So when, as the CLEVELAND PLAIN-DEALER reports, an NFL source refers to something as “a sophisticated form of hazing” that he’s never seen anything like before, you’d think there’s some serious issues with player discipline, right? Has to be, right? Actually, it’s a head coach at work - Eric Mangini, to be precise, and only, oh, every single rookie on the team getting mistreated.

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