Sox, Cubs Fans Perhaps Not So Different After All

Anyone whose favorite teams are part of a storied rivalry knows that half the fun of being a sports fan is in demonizing opposing fans (sorry, fans of expansion teams, if you have no idea what we’re talking about here). You know what I mean - Patriots fans are all ‘Tommy from Quinzee,’ Dodgers fans are late-arriving, clueless fair-weather fans, and Packers fans are all fat, drunk, brat-stuffed cheesemongers (OK, so maybe that one’s true*).

Baby Gaines v. Baby Fornelli

(SbB contributors Tom Fornelli and Pete Gaines, c. 2001)

Some of the hardest-core rivalry stereotypes are in Chicago, where White Sox fans and Cubs fans revel in making fun of the opposing fans’ stereotypes. You may have heard them before. Cubs fans are a bunch of fair-weather fratboys, living large on daddy’s credit cards, while Sox fans are older, hardscrabble blue-collar types - a positive or negative depiction, depending on who’s doing the talking. Well, what if everything you knew about your rival’s fans was wrong?

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