Rita Ragone ESPN Sex Harassment Website Includes Photo Of Stephen A Smith

DOES ESPN HARASSEE HAVE STEPHEN A. IN HER CORNER? Rita Ragone is the makeup artist who recently filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against ESPN employees Woody “Bimbo Brigade” Paige and Jay Crawford.

Rita Ragone

Come to find out she has her own gorgeously-appointed website, which lists her resume and the “beautiful people” she has worked on. In her “TV Stars” photo section, Paige and Crawford shockingly aren’t shown, but current ESPNer Stephen A. Smith is pictured, right under another “TV Star” of similar stature: “The Great Throwdini“:

Rita Ragone

Her site also contains excerpts of a new book she is planning on releasing (no, it’s not about harmony in the workplace).Excerpt from her book, which was obviously inspired by working with Woody: “Magic is made every day- it is in a kiss, a look, a kind deed, a baby’s smile. I believe in magic, and all of the beauty it brings- through angelic intervention, miracles, spirituality, love and the beauty they bless us with. I hope my book helps you to embrace the beauty that is YOU!”

Our favorite part of Ragone’s online portfolio is the list of her “Special Talents”, which include “designing ‘comeback looks’ for celebrities whose careers have been compromised and need to re-capture their popularity with the public.

Woody Paige Rita Ragone

That description is rather ironic, considering that Woody will probably be in the market rather soon.For the record, we’re longtime professional friends with Jay Crawford, having worked with him at WBNS radio and television in Columbus for several years. We never observed any abusive and/or inappropriate behavior towards women by Crawford at any time. He is one of the more competent and amiable gentlemen we’ve run across in the sports media biz over the years. His immediate, incredulous reaction tells me something may be a little fishy here.

But when it comes to Woody, we’re not so sure - considering his track record.