Pitcher Traded For Bats Dead Of A Drug Overdose

You probably remember the odd story last year of the minor league baseball player who was traded for 10 maple bats. It was one of those things that we all had a nice chuckle over, and then we forgot about it and moved on with our lives. Well, as spring training is now underway, some people have been asking whatever became of pitcher John Odom, who was sent from Calgary of the Golden Baseball League to Laredo of the independent United League. And the answer isn’t good.

John Odom

Just a few months after Odom abruptly left his new team, he was dead. The 26-year-old accidentally overdosed on heroin, methamphetamine, and alcohol in November. Odom apparently had been battling personal issues, and some wonder if the publicity and ridicule over the trade pushed him into a depression from which he couldn’t recover.

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Believe It Or Not - Ripley’s Buy 10 Bats From Trade

We all remember the amusing story of John Odom, the minor league pitcher who was traded to the Laredo Broncos for 10 baseball bats. So, how’s the batty baller doing?

Laredo Broncos mascot

Could be better. Odom made his debut for the Broncos back on May 31, but only lasted two innings, giving up a run on two hits & walking two others without striking out anyone in a 10-5 loss to Edinburg. Six days later, Odom lasted a little longer on the mound, going 4 innings and getting his first decision of the year. Unfortunately, that decision was a loss in a 20-5 rout at the hands of Amarillo.

And things aren’t much better for John on Laredo’s online roster, as his bio is completely blank. Seems like the Broncos aren’t expecting Odom to stick around. Maybe they’re hoping to swap him for a nice set of batting gloves.

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