Soccer Hooligan Scores Goal As Stadium Burns

Pssh, you call those “riots,” Los Angeles? If you’re not setting fires and fighting with police before you leave the arena, it’s not a real riot. Perhaps we’d be better as a nation at this if we paid more attention to soccer.

Soccer Riots

Romania, which knows a little something about riots, had their soccer final Saturday. While most fans of the losing side reacted with understated flares and attacks on police, one supporter of Timisoara actually took it upon himself to make a difference. He ran onto the field, apparently unnoticed by security, refs and players, and scored a goal for his team.

Video after the jump.

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PSU Post-Game Riot Photographer Facing Charges

The issue of a journalist’s behavior in situations of extreme peril is always a thorny issue. Should they document a man’s suffering or try to help it? Where do journalistic obligations stop and human obligations begin? Will anybody notice if they Photoshop some more smoke into this thing?

Felletter riot pepper spray
(Oh, we’re sure these charges have absolutely nothing to do with pictures of policemen blindsiding students with pepper spray. Perfectly coincidental.)

But for Michael Felletter, a photographer for the DAILY COLLEGIAN at Penn State, his mere presence at a riot became a matter of a much different issue: criminality.  The PSU student originally faced charges of disorderly conduct and failure to disperse upon official order from the police, but the charges were dropped last week when the charging detective missed a court date. End of story? Oh, no, no sir; the Centre County DA, Michael Madeira, re-filed the same charges Wednesday, keeping this farce alive.

The police maintain that this isn’t a First Amendment issue, and that Felletter just wouldn’t leave when told to. That’s fine, in theory. Perhaps there’d be some merit to that claim if it weren’t for one giant honking legal misstep in the filing of the criminal complaint, one that the prosecuting attorneys probably want back. Read more…