Stallworth Gets 30 Days For Drunk Driving Death

• Cleveland Browns WR Donte Stallworth is sentenced to 30 days in jail in a plea-bargain agreement in the drunk driving death of Miami Beach pedestrian Mario Reyes.

Donte Stallworth in court

• The Famous Chicken may soon be nesting down in his retirement coop.

• Exciting times for Michael Strahan - he’s got a Fox “comedy” in the works, and he’s now engaged to Eddie Murphy’s ex.

• Speaking of bad shows, “Joe Buck Live” may not have a bright future - unless you consider foul-mouthed Artie Lange as your program’s savior.

• Soccer star Rio Ferdinand follows Cristiano Ronaldo’s fashion lead.

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Man Utd Star Rio Ferdinand Prefers A Snugger Fit

Soccer has always had a tough time gaining legitimacy as a sport amongst a large portion of Americans. Maybe it’s Americans’ latent isolationist bent, maybe it’s the flopping, maybe it’s the frequent 0-0 matches. Or maybe it’s stuff like this:

Rio Ferdinand

(He appears to be a Florida fan to boot.)

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand wearing a halter top and short jorts, filling the questionable fashion hole left after the departure of Miss World Cristiano Ronaldo.  In the words of Mr. Belding, “what is going on here?”

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Man U Knockout: When Bathroom Stalls Attack

Manchester United must feel particularly paranoid this week. Yes, they lost to Portsmouth in the FA Cup quarters after missing on numerous point-blank chances and then seeing their backup keeper sent off, placing defender Rio Ferdinand in the box to flail at the winning penalty kick.

Darren Fletcher

(Watch out for that… what?)

However, that pain must seem rather tame to Darren Fletcher, the Man U midfielder, after the Old Trafford home locker room attacked him last week after a Champions League match and knocked him unconscious. To wit, the bathroom stall door fell on his head.

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