Ricky Williams Resists The Urge To Smoke Weed

Considering that Ricky Williams has cost himself millions of dollars in his NFL career by testing positive for marijuana four times, we come to understand one thing: Ricky Williams really likes to get high. I mean, if I were in Ricky’s position I would probably just forget about the weed, and get high like rich people are meant to get high. By having my doctor write me some bogus prescriptions, but Ricky? Ricky just wants the weed, man.

So it’s no surprise that the last three days had to be pretty tough on him. The Miami Dolphins were on a bye this weekend, so Ricky really didn’t have anything better to do than sit around his house. It was the perfect time for him to just roll a couple joints and just chill out.  Well, thankfully for Ricky and the Dolphins, he was able to fight that urge.

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