Rick Vaughn Bobblehead Is A Major League Win

Not to make you feel incredibly old, but here we go: the movie Major League is 20 years old this week. This won’t come as a surprise if you watch it again; it hasn’t aged well, especially when you see how everybody dresses. But even after two decades, it’s still probably the Indians’ proudest moment. Second proudest? Major League II. Least proud? Major League: Back To The Minors.

Rick Vaughn Bobblehead
(Being based on Charlie Sheen, this bobblehead is also the first with a massive cocaine addiction.)

But even though that was, y’know, a movie and therefore fake and stuff, the franchise is celebrating the anniversary in grand style: the Rick Vaughn bobblehead, seen above. It’s Major League Night at Jacobs Field with the Indians, you see, and yes, Bob Uecker will be in the booth.

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