While USC Blasts Bucks, UCLA Rickrolled By BYU

Two weeks ago, UCLA kicked off its second Rick Neuheisel era with a stunning, come-from-behind victory over SEC sort-of powerhouse (okay, maybe that’s pushing it) Tennessee. What would they do for an encore? Why, get bombed back to the stone age by a Mountain West team, that’s what. Yeah, that football monopoly in L.A. is definitely over, Rick.

Rick Neuheisel

Hours before USC plastered Ohio State 35-3 in front of a sell-out crowd and national TV audience, BYU got six touchdown passes from quarterback Max Hall in the first half  as the Cougars destroyed the Bruins 59-0, the worst loss for UCLA since 1929.

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NC State Narrowly Avoids Third Quarter Rick Roll

Music is important to the outcome of sporting events. Look no further than the Boston Celtics, who used Republica’s “Ready To Go” (on the rooftops shouting out!) as their theme in 2007 … and not in 2008. Worked out pretty well for them.

NC State Wolfpack mascot

So, yeah, entrance music, coupled with a really strong desire to win, is what makes your team a winner. All jokes aside though, NC State is making a huge mistake with the way they are handling music at 2008 football games. 850 THE BUZZ brings the noise that the Wolfpack are having an online poll as to what should be played, and you’ll never believe it, but that dastardly Rick Astley is back up to his old tricks.
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