A Rick Reilly Golf Movie To Heal A Troubled Nation

Rick Reilly has been knitting warm, comfortable sports columns for a generation now; material that has morphed into several books, television appearances, and even a film (he co-wrote “Leatherheads.”). I’ve always found his writing to be nourishing, if bland; a kind of chicken soup for the reader, Melba cracker on the side.

Rick Reilly, Steve Carrel

The worst thing about Rick Reilly is that he pretends to be the everyman he is not — jotting down notes while walking alongside Michael Jordan at a celebrity golf tournament, while the regular journalists look on from behind the ropes. The best thing about him is that that is the worst thing. Some writers can be much bigger poseurs. Trust me.

But here’s wonderful news if you’re a Rick Reilly fan; troubling information if you’re not. One of those books, “Missing Links,” is in the process of being made into a movie. Steve Carrel is attached in the leading role, and this time Reilly seems not to be involved in co-writing¬† the script. Which will be welcome news to anyone who has seen George Clooney in a death struggle with the dialogue in “Leatherheads.” Read more…