Even Sully Couldn’t Save a Flying Coach Majerus

Based on his bizarrely childish behavior the past few weeks over his St. Louis Billikens being taken off charter travel, coach Rick Majerus apparently is hoping to be fired.

Rick Majerus Ball Sack

 (Majerus admiring Keith’s Van Horn)

After the decision to fly the team commercial came down last month thanks to budget cuts, Majerus subsequently begged off his weekly local radio show, claiming game preparation and attention to charity work precipitated him dropping his responsibility. He also played the “academics” card to full effect.

But the week after he quit the show under those circumstances, Majerus guested on a Chicago station for 45 minutes at exactly same time his own show in St. Louis would’ve been aired. The feed of the show was then picked up by a local St. Louis station which is a competitor with the outlet where Majerus had planned to previously appear.

While on the show in Chicago, Majerus reiterated his pro-choice stance on abortion, which is in direct conflict with his superiors at catholic SLU and caused controversy in the past. Read more…

Majerus Doesn’t Want To Show You His Billikens

First off, I stole the headline from Rick Chandler at DEADSPIN. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m happy to report that college basketball season is upon on us. And you know what that means: Lots and lots and LOTS of Rick Majerus posts!

Rick Majerus

The BELLEVILE (IL) NEWS-DEMOCRAT headlines a story today about Majerus’ latest SLU squad with: “Majerus is comfortable with young roster.”

St. Louis Billikens score 20 points in loss

But after reading the piece, I’d say the hed was about as accurate as Majerus’ team was last Jan.10. So I compiled a list of Majerus’ unintentionally hilarious quotes about his team from the story.

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