Jock Tapped Eliza Dushku: Stay Thirsty, My Friend

Rick Fox is the latest athlete to take a number for actress Eliza Dushku. The former NBA player is now dating Dushku, who boasts a list of pro jock boyfriends longer than the test line used on Animal Planet’s River Monsters.

Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox


This week Dushku, after spotting reality show actress Vienna Girardi eyeing Fox during a telecast of Dancing With The Stars, inexplicably lashed out at Girardi on Twitter. (Inspired by her stint as Sean Avery’s love interest?) Read more…

Rick Fox May Be Done Delighting Lakers Viewers

• Is ex-Laker Rick Fox calling it quits on his basketball broadcast career?

Rick Fox Jeanene Fox

If so, could he bring his sister Jeanene onto the show before he goes?

• This Celtics-Bulls series is turning into an instant playoff classic.

Trev Alberts: Form the TV analyst’s chair to the athletic director’s chair.

Tommy Lasorda visits with the troops - but he’s not looking so well.

• Under Armour recalls over 200,000 athletic supporters. Well, ain’t that a shot to the balls.

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Mexican Surfer Rick Fox May Stop On-Air Cameos

We can’t help it, we love Rick Fox. The man whose career never should have lasted long enough to parachute onto title teams with Shaq never fails to bring intrigue, whether he’s on the set of some preposterous soap opera or on a pre-game show. Lately, the scripts he’s been delivering on Fox Sports West’s “Lakers Live” pre- and post-game shows have been better than soap operas anyway. So we’re begging that his Twitter updates claiming he may quit the whole broadcasting biz are a preliminary overreaction to some out of control criticism.

rick fox mexican surfer

As’s FAN NATION first pointed out, Fox’s Monday night routine was pretty bizarre, even if that’s precisely what made it so captivating. First, he unzipped his sweatshirt and screamed “Wolverine!” during the pre-game show. Then, after the Lakers eliminated the Jazz, he went into Mexican celebration mode, screaming out “Orale, orale!” repeatedly, before asking if anyone had “ever seen a Mexican surf?” while he pretended to ride wives and hummed “Wipeout!

All in all, those were the only two moments of moderately captivating television on “Lakers Live” all week, so we don’t see what’s wrong with increasing Fox’s role on the show.

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Wild Week In Review: Sex, Swimsuits & Steroids

• Congratulations to Bar Refaeli for making the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Bar Refaeli Jeanene Fox

• And we already have a suggestion for next year’s cover girl - Rick Fox’s foxy sister Jeanene.

• But will we soon see full nudity in the sports mag’s annual edition? That could be a reason why the Laker Girls turned down a chance to pose for a SI photoshoot.

• We expected to A-Rod to come out sooner or later, but little did we know it would be about past steroid use. And who spilled the beans first? An alleged SI stalker? His ex-wife? No wonder he needed an escape to the Bahamas with two hottie companions.

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Rick Fox’s Foxy Sister; Big Ben Fibs About Ribs?

• We’re glad to have discovered Rick Fox’s ultra-foxy sister, Jeanene.

Jeanene Fox

• Could brave Ben Roethlisberger be telling a fib about his broken ribs?

• An ex-girlfriend is suing Roberto Alomar for $15 million, claiming that the slugger gave her AIDS.

Brett Favre says he’s retiring. This is not a repeat from 2008.

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Rick Fox’s Sister Is A Model, And Pretty Damn Hot

I’m going to go ahead and break a Man Law here and say that I’d like to do bad things to another guy’s sister. In this case, the guy is Rick Fox, so it’s OK because professional athletes aren’t real people.

Jeanene Fox

The hot sister in question is Jeanene Fox, who is too hot, too visible, and related to someone too famous to have gone under the radar this long. Let’s do what we can to rectify that.

(More slick pics of Rick’s sis after the jump.)

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Shaq Gives Cold Shoulder To Ex-Heat Teammates

As Shaquille O’Neal arrived in Beantown for tonight’s game against the Celtics, Jackie MacMullan of the BOSTON GLOBE caught a few words from the Suns star about his new & old teams.

Shaquille ONeal Suns

While the Big Cactus said he enjoys being with Steve Nash, coach Mark D’Antoni and the rest of his Phoenix pals, his reaction to his former Miami Heat teammates was a little more cold: Read more…