Rick Chandler To Join SbB As Regular Contributor

I’m happy to announce today that Rick Chandler will be joining SbB as a full-time contributor. Along with Will Leitch, Rick launched DEADSPIN in 2005 and quickly helped turn it into the sports blogging powerhouse we all know and love today.

Rick Majerus Will Show You His Billiken

(I was, as you would expect, a little less subtle)

I’ve long been a huge fan of Rick’s work, and his maddeningly consistent ability to turn a phrase (see above). Reading his daily work also convinced me that we needed to increase the quality of editorial at SbB, which entailed bringing in numerous talent contributors - and scaling back my writing contribution.

So if somehow you weren’t a fan of Rick before, you should be now!

We won’t have Rick up and running on the site until next week, as we need a couple days to fleabomb his future SbB basement dwelling. (And yes, he’s been already been tipped off about the faint urine smell.)

ATTN Deadspin: Sean Salisbury Does Not Approve

DEADSPIN made official what we all surmised the minute Editor Will Leitch made it known he was moving to NEW YORK magazine: A.J. Daulerio will take over pointy hat duties at the front of the Gawker-launched vessel beginning Monday.

Daulerio Salisbury

(The “Brand”: Canned by Bristol and now this?’)

Daulerio, an Editor of former Gawker gambling site “Oddjack,” had been a part time contributor to the site until a few months ago, when he was named a Senior Writer for the site. He’d previously been freelancing for Philly publications. (and some of our favorite, orphaned sweat sock-accompanied publications.)

Rick Chandler stays on as Associate Editor and Clay Travis of CBSSports.com has also been added as a fulltimer, with the same title as Chandler. Read more…