Only Cute Young Girls Allowed To Sing For Beijing

• You must be this cute to sing in the Olympic opening ceremonies, or else someone else will visualize your vocals to the viewing public:

Lin Miaoke fake Olympic opening ceremony singer

• Meanwhile, officials are having to “ask” “volunteers” to fill the seats at the more sparsely-populated venues.

• The Chinese know him as “Betrayal Skull Dude”. You know him better as Carlos Boozer.

Stuart Scott struts his karaoke stuff. Can I get a witness!

Kenny Chesney loves football as much as he loves helping players disrobe before hitting the showers.

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NC State Narrowly Avoids Third Quarter Rick Roll

Music is important to the outcome of sporting events. Look no further than the Boston Celtics, who used Republica’s “Ready To Go” (on the rooftops shouting out!) as their theme in 2007 … and not in 2008. Worked out pretty well for them.

NC State Wolfpack mascot

So, yeah, entrance music, coupled with a really strong desire to win, is what makes your team a winner. All jokes aside though, NC State is making a huge mistake with the way they are handling music at 2008 football games. 850 THE BUZZ brings the noise that the Wolfpack are having an online poll as to what should be played, and you’ll never believe it, but that dastardly Rick Astley is back up to his old tricks.
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NCAA Basketball Game Wasn’t RickRoll’d After All

A nation slept soundly knowing that a small group of fans watching the Montana State-Eastern Washington womens basketball game was reassured by 80s musical troubadour Rick Astley that he would never give them up, let them down, run around, or desert them — among other promises. Because, see, we had video evidence:

But now KHQ of Spokane, Washington is reporting that the in-person RickRoll was a fabrication, meaning that the videographers told us a lie and hurt us. Read more…