Yankees Tentatively Agree To Snatch Up Sexson

After being sliced from Seattle’s roster, Richie Sexson has found a new Major League home in the Bronx.

ESPN’s Buster Olney reports that the Yankees have tentatively agreed to sign the ex-Mariner, just a week after Richie was released from the M’s. Best of all, the Yanks will only have to pay $390,000 of Sexson’s $14 million salary.

Richie Sexson wrestling on mound

The Bronx Bombers are signing Sexson to help solve the team’s problems against opposing pitching. Well, Richie certainly knows how to deal with pitchers.

Sexson Fined, Suspended After Charging Mound

You could say that Mariners slugger Richie Sexson is wrapping up a bad week. The first baseman’s team has lost nine of their last 10 games. He missed a game Wednesday night after an undisclosed family emergency kept him away from the team. On Thursday, he charged the mound on a pitch that arguably wasn’t even inside.

Richie Sexson brawl

Yesterday, Sexson’s punishment was announced, and it was pretty harsh. Read more…