Court Docs: AJ McCarron 2011 Yukon - No Plates!

As documented here the past 48 hours, Alabama court records and a Facebook-dated photo link Trent Richardson and his mother Katrina to five separate vehicles in the last two years.

AJ McCarron owner of 2011 Yukon with no license plate

Traffic court documents show the Alabama football star as owner of a GMC Yukon and Nissan Altima in just the past 10 months - in addition to Richardson being seen gassing up another large SUV in a photo dated August 12, 2010, and posted on the now-deleted Facebook account of formally disassociated Alabama booster Tom Al-Betar.

Trent Richardson gassing up large SUV - not the GMC Yukon he was pulled over in in 2011

Alabama public court records also show Katrina Richardson was driving separate rental cars during her most recent traffic stops inside the state.

Katrina Richardson Rentals Cars And Address Discrepancy

Trent Richardson though is not the only member of the Crimson Tide shown to own multiple vehicles in recent Alabama court documents. Read more…

Docs: Richardson’s Other New Car, Georgia Plates

Yesterday SbB reported Chilton County, Alabama, public court records showed Trent Richardson was driving a “GMC YUKON” with a “Vehicle year” of 2011 - and was listed as the owner of the SUV - when he was ticketed for speeding by an Alabama Highway Patrol Officer on August 28, 2011.

Trent Richardson speeding ticket: 2011 GMC Yukon - large rims threw speedometer off

(2011 Yukon: Stripped sticker = $40,000)

At the time of the infraction, the attending officer also noted as part of the “Details” section of the speeding ticket that Richardson “STATED HIS LARGE RIMS THROW SPEEDOMETER OFF.

Trent Richardson traffic ticket: Owner of 2010 Nissan Altima with Georgia Plates

(Not again!)

According to Conecuh County, Alabama, public court records, Richardson was also involved in a traffic stop on Oct. 31, 2010, in which the accompanying ticket reported the star Alabama running back as the owner of a vehicle different from the 2011 GMC Yukon listed on the Chilton County ticket 10 months later. Read more…