LA Kings Hire Own “Independent” Beat Reporter?

Look, we don’t know a damned thing about newspaperin’ and Internettin’ and putting words together. We’re just yokels, the lot of us, trying to scrape on by day by day. But even we know what “independent” means, and it’s not this.

Ice Queen Brooke
(Gratuitous? Buddy, literally
everything on Internet is gratuitous.)

The Los Angeles Kings, a hockey team that apparently still exists (Really, they’re still there! This is a great way to win a bar bet with an unsuspecting friend, who probably thinks that the Kings folded due to lack of interest sometime around 1996), is looking to increase the level of coverage their team gets. So while the dailies in Los Angeles probably don’t much care for sending someone on the road to follow a hockey club, the team itself - of course - has no qualms.

But they’re also saying the coverage is going to be independent, which… come on.

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