Mariotti Says Sayonara To His Sun-Times Column

Jay Mariotti says so long to the Chicago Sun-Times, as the jovial jaunty journalist sees his future going down the Intertubes.

Jay Mariotti

Jose Guillen was oh so close to giving an annoying fan a Royal thrashing.

• A postal worker in Maine tries to make off with a rare baseball card he stole from someone else’s mail.

Rich Gedman is willing to fight the Worcester press to protect the good name of his buddy Roger Clemens. And we do mean “fight“.

• A group of Pennsylvanians partake in a wiffleball game that last 24 hours. And you thought last night’s Mets-Phillies game went long.

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Rich Gedman Will Defend Roger Clemens’ Honor

This is weird: Rich Gedman’s still alive. I had no idea. He’s currently managing the Worcester Tornadoes. And after an unannounced visit from former teammate and unadmitted drug user Roger Clemens prompted a story in the local paper, Gedman proceeded to go “Jim Luther Davis” on the author of the piece, Kevin O’Malley.

Rich Gedman and Roger Clemens

Apparently, Gedman took issue with O’Malley’s article because, well … I have no idea.

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