We Want to Marry Up With a Rich Padres Ball Girl

GASLAMP BALL has saved us an immense amount of research into finding a sugar mama to support our blogging-and-Strongbow habit.  Nina Detrow lives in San Diego (as you’d guess for a Padres blog).  She’s in her mid-40s, which is a lovely age if you’d like to avoid estate battles.  And she loves baseball, because she’s been a Padres ball girl for the last 15 years.

Nina Detrow, Padres ball girl

She’s also available (divorced from one of those wacky morning show guys, showing we can all grow out of that phase) and knows how to find a bargain, having just purchased a $2.8m home in La Jolla that was purchased by the previous (speculating?) owners for $3.5m.

In fact, she’s probably too smart to fall for the ol’ “blogging is like being a moody sensitive writer but with less pants” bit.  We’re willing to give it a shot, though.
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