Rex Ryan Sets Record for Hang Time on ‘Hannity’

As Rex Ryan is out promoting a new book, he’s been making the media rounds, including a recent booking on the FOX News show Hannity.

(Never Seen a Punt With a 7-Minute Hang Time? Here You Go!)

Since most of what we know about the New York Jets coach is his perspective on football and topics relating to the sport, which is already reported around the clock by sports media every day of the year, it figured to be a unique treat to see another side of Ryan on a show where the only topic is politics.

So what did I learn last night during Ryan’s seven minute interview with host Sean Hannity? Political football is a lot like NFL punt team coverage: hang time is everything.

Meanwhile, this is what happens when you outkick  your coverage.

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Braylon On DWI: ‘Don’t Know If I’m Embarrassed’

Manish Mehta of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reported today that Braylon Edwards apparently didn’t think his arrest for DWI Tuesday morning, “would project the Jets in a negative light.

Braylon Edwards Drinking Before DWI

Today Edwards said of his arrest:

“I don’t understand the black eye that this would put on the organization. Because this isn’t a representation of what this organization is about. .. I don’t see how this could be a black eye for them. More so be a black eye for myself if anything. I’m human. I’m not the first person to make a mistake. It was sad for me (being) in that situation. I don’t know if I would describe it (as) embarrassed.”

Jets Coach Rex Ryan said Wednesday in reaction to Edwards’ arrest, “It’s kind of an embarrassing moment for the organization. We are a disciplined football team. I think our football team has learned our lessons. I think Braylon is a good man.

Jets beat reporter Mehta also noted that Edwards, “appeared flippant during his session with the media and admitted that he wouldn’t contest it if the team decided to deactivate him for the game.

Edwards will not start for the Jets on Sunday against Miami but will suit up for the game. Of Edwards being benched but not deactivated for the game, Ryan said,  “That’s a bigger punishment than you think. That’s it for now.

Mehta noted via Twitter that Jets defensive back Darrelle Revis said of Edwards not starting, but still having a chance to play on Sunday, “It really doesn’t make sense.Read more…

Sainz Defends Manner Of Dress In Covering Jets

Christine Brennan of USA TODAY reports Sunday on the alleged behavior by the New York Jets in their treatment of TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz.

Ines Sainz Posts Photo Defending Her Manner Of Dress While Cover Jets

(Sainz posted the above photo today in response to her alleged harassment)

Brennan has a complete roundup of the situation, which includes a Sunday morning NEW YORK POST report that Jets Coach Rex Ryan on Saturday during a team practice directed assistant coach Dennis Thurman to deliberately conduct a passing drill near Sainz. Sainz was also allegedly harassed in the Jets locker room by team members.

Sainz, who was at the practice to interview Mark Sanchez, wrote of the incident on her Twitter account in Spanish Saturday morning:

“I die of embarrassment! I am in the locker room of the Jets waiting for Mark Sanchez while trying not to look to anywhere!”

The Jets have since released a statement reporting that an investigation is underway into the behavior of Jets coaches and players around Sainz.

Sainz is well-known in sports media circles for dressing in what some might consider a provocative fashion while covering major sporting events like the Super Bowl and World Cup. She took to her Twitter account Sunday to defend herself in that regard. Read more…

Rex Ryan Dad To Tony Dungy: Pipe Down, Buddy

Longtime NFL coach Buddy Ryan was quizzed today on Philadelphia radio about criticism Tony Dungy leveled at Ryan’s son Rex about the Jets Coach’s penchant for f-bombs on HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Buddy and Rex Ryan

(Surprising tho, no calls for Dungy to get off Buddy’s lawn)

While needling Rex Ryan about his obscenity-laced presentation during the HBO program yesterday, Dungy also suggested that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell tell the Jets coach to tone down the expletives during the show.

Here’s the transcript of Buddy Ryan’s comments today about Dungy on Vai Sikahema and John Gonzalez‘ show on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philly: Read more…

Dungy Wouldn’t Hire Ryan Because Of Profanity?

Despite admitting that he hasn’t seen the show this year, today on the Dan Patrick Show former NFL Coach Tony Dungy criticized Rex Ryan about the Jets Coach’s profanity on HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Dan Patrick Tony Dungy and Rex Ryan Dan Patrick Show

(Transcript, audio of Dungy’s comments below)

Dungy to Patrick:

“I have not watched it, I’ve gotten the reports, I’m disappointed with all the profanity. I think Rex can make his points without all that. But he’s trying to endear himself to his team and he’s doing a great job of it.”

Read more…

Source: Ryan Showed Restraint In Face Of Abuse

Rex Ryan issued a statement to the media today apologizing for his obscene gesture at the MMA Strikeforce event in Miami last night:

Rex Ryan Gives Fans Middle Finger At Miami Strikeforce MMA Event

Ryan: “It was stupid and inappropriate. I wouldn’t accept that type of behavior from one of the coaches or players and it’s unacceptable from me. I apologize to the Jets organization, the National Football League and NFL fans everywhere.

New York Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum: “Rex showed extremely poor judgment and his conduct was inappropriate. He knows he was wrong, has apologized and we have accepted his apology. Any other actions regarding this incident will be addressed internally by the organization.

This afternoon I spoke over the phone to an eyewitness of the events that took place before and during the time of Ryan’s obscene gesture.

Read more…

Photo: Rex Ryan’s Middle Finger At Fans In Miami

UPDATE (6:38p ET): Here’s an eyewitness account of Ryan’s obscene gesture.
Jorge Sedano of 790 The Ticket in Miami and the MIAMI HERALD sent me this photo today of Rex Ryan flipping off fans last night at the MMA Strikeforce event in Miami:

Rex Ryan Gives Fans Middle Finger At Miami Strikeforce MMA Event

Background on the shot from Sedano:

I received an email from a listener/reader who was at the event. This is how it read.

Here’s a pic of the Jets’ coach as he smiles and flicks off two of my friends at a recent MMA show in South Florida. They identified themselves as Dolphin fans and thus this is his reaction. You tend to expect some sort of a class from a head coach, or at least you used to…

Why do I have a feeling that the photographer’s friends did a little more than “identify themselves as Dolphin fans” to cause Ryan’s gesticulative reaction?

Rex Ryan Gives Fans Middle Finger At Miami Strikeforce MMA Event

Ryan also did an interview on Showtime during the event which was aired over the public address system.

Rex Ryan Gives Fans Middle Finger At Miami Strikeforce MMA Event

You probably won’t be surprised to find out that the coach said something that didn’t make Dolphins fans happy.

Read more…

Cardinals, Steelers to Tangle in Tampa For SB XLIII

• NFL Conference Championship weekend in review: The Cardinals soar over the Eagles, while the Steelers pluck the Ravens.

Cardinals Eagles Steelers Ravens

• But who cares about this year’s Big Game when you can already bet on next year’s?

Rex Ryan is your next Jets coach to be fired after a few seasons.

• The Red Sox are spending money on everything else - why not snatch up a fickle fan’s loyalty, too?

Read more…

Rex Ryan Mourns Ravens Loss By Taking Jets Job

While we know that for the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers that Sunday was a great day and both teams were celebrating deep into the night, the feelings had to be the exact opposite for members of the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens.  Of course, how they responded to their heartbreak, we can’t be sure. For the Ravens, a lot of their postgame thoughts were probably devoted to Willis McGahee and whether or not he was still alive, but not defensive coordinator Rex Ryan’s.

Most of the Ravens probably hadn’t even finished showering or toweling themselves off when the New York Jets called Rex, and as Ray Lewis was no doubt still beating Joe Flacco in the corner of the locker room, Ryan was accepting an offer to become the next head coach of the Jets.

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