PGA To Overturn Ban On Booze Sponsorships?

Yes, we say it often, but times is tough, especially in a world on a bubble (like, say, the sports world). The golf world doesn’t appear to be in deep trouble, especially not with money-printing machine Tiger Woods commanding everybody’s attention, but now’s definitely not the time to be picky about sponsors. Even if they happen to be SWEET MAMA ALCOHOL.

John Daly Booze Trophy

The SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL is reporting that hard alcohol sponsorships are being looked at by the PGA to increase revenue over the coming years. They can sponsor things like VIP areas at events, but not, say, tournament titles. And yes, somewhere, John Daly’s ears just perked up. Read more…

Retief On Wounded Tiger: “His Knee Wasn’t Sore”

The LONDON TIMES reports today that former U.S. Open champ Retief Goosen, who finished 14th at Torrey Pines, has now said twice that Tiger Woods was exaggerating the extent of his knee injury during the most recent U.S. Open.

Goosen’s comments are especially ironic comments considering the breaking news today that Woods is scheduled to have season-ending knee surgery.

Retief Goosen Tiger Woods


“I think so. It just seemed that when he hit a bad shot his knee was in pain and on his good shots he wasn’t in pain. You see when he made the putts and he went down on his knees and was shouting, ‘Yeah’, his knee wasn’t sore.”Nobody really knows if he was just showing off or if he was really injured. I believe if he was really injured, he would not have played.”

The South African has since backed off those comments … slightly (all the while without knowing about Woods’ impending knee surgery).

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