Wannabe Rapperess Accuses Shaq of Stalking Her

When someone attempts to take out a restraining order against a celebrity, it’s usually part of some crack pot delusion. (”David Letterman is using secret code to ask me to marry him!”) Celebrities are used to being on the other side of claims of stalking (just ask Michael Jordan). But that’s not the case for Shaquille O’Neal, as the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION reports that a judge has issued a restraining order against him and has ordered him to stay 200 yards away from an alleged former paramour.

Mary Jane

Alexis Miller is a “independent music artist” who records under the name “MaryJane.” (Sadly, she is not one of the Mary Jane Girls.) She claims that after she broke off her relationship with Shaq last month, he became verbally abusive, threatening her in e-mails & phone calls with bodily harm, and saying he would destroy her music career. (And Shaq knows about ruining music careers - just look at his own.)

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