Remote-Control Bowling Balls Seem A Little Unfair

You know how in those Star Wars movies, the Jedi guys could use The Force to make things move without touching them? How come those guys never cheated at sports? Like, I know Obi-Wan and Luke were “the good guys” and they were off doing their hero things, but you can’t tell me Darth Vader wouldn’t paint the lines with his backhand during a rousing game of tennis on the Death Star. And you can’t tell me you wouldn’t watch Darth Vader vs. Jimmy Connors. That would be the top game of tennis ever.

Remote Control Bowling Balls
(The “RC” stands for “Really Cool!” (no it does not))

Digression aside, The Force has come to sports - well, if you consider bowling a sport, anyway. The 900 Global company in San Antonio have devised the world’s first remote-controlled bowling ball, and it is every bit as unfair as you would imagine. For a demonstration of the ball negotiating a four-chair slalom during the course of one throw (look, just go with it), a video is after the break.

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