Sean Taylor Surviving Girlfriend Was Andy Garcia Niece

NOW IF ONLY HE COULD’VE SAVED US FROM GODFATHER III The MIAMI HERALD reports that the girlfriend of Sean Taylor, who survived the shooting that resulted in Taylor’s death, is the niece of actor Andy Garcia.

Andy Garcia

Jacqueline Garcia survived the attack on Taylor that left him dead. The couple’s daughter also made it through unscathed, and actor Garcia claims that Taylor was the reason: “His heroic action on that tragic night saved their life and is a testament to his humanity and courage.”We’re not denying that Taylor acted in the proper way to save his wife and daughter, but our question is, if Taylor had moved out of Miami, would any of this had happened?

Relatives of George Gipp Suing ESPN And Others For Digging Up His Body

RELATIVES NOW SUING ESPN FOR DIGGING UP THE GIPPER: Relatives aren’t digging the way the Gipper’s been treated latetly, so a couple of cousins have filed a lawsuit:

George Gipp

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that Karl & Ronald Gipp, cousins of famed Notre Dame star George Gipp, have filed the suit against another relative, a sports writer, and ESPN.Rick Frueh, a grand-nephew of Gipp, and author Mike Bynum arranged for Gipp’s body to be dug up and have his DNA tested, in order to settle claims of a woman believing she was also related to Gipp.

ESPN camera

Bymun told ESPN about the dig, and the network sent a camera crew to tape the proceedings.The cousins claim the exhumation caused “extreme shock, fright, humiliation and mortification” for other relatives, and the dig itself was an act of “willful and wanton misconduct.” They’re seeking $25,000 in damages.

The Worldwide Leader was filming scenes of the dig for their investigative series, “E:60″. The network hasn’t said when or if they would air the footage.

money grab

Bynum dismisses claims that the dig was done for “promises of future benefits and royalties“, instead calling the cousins’ lawsuit “an old-fashioned money grab.”

Grandsons of Harlem Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon Playing Together On College Football Team

GLOBETROTTER’S GRANDKIDS GIVING TEAM EFFORT IN ORE.: The grandsons of a former Harlem Globetrotter are finding their own fame by playing together in college football:

Lemon brothers Linfield

The SALEM (OR) NEWS lays up the story of the four Lemon brothers - Chet, Chase, Bubba and Mychal - and the good times they’re having together on the Linfield College gridiron squad.All four are grandchildren of Meadowlark Lemon, the ex-Globetrotters star. Their father, Meadow (known around town as George), serves as cornerbacks coach and assistant director of campus safety for the Oregon school.

Meadowlark Lemon

It’s supposedly the first time 4 brothers have ever played simultaneously on the same college team. The fame of playing together and being Meadowlark’s grand-offspring has even brought ESPN to McMinnville to highlight the family.With Granddad’s connections, maybe Linfield can schedule a team like the Washington Generals. May we suggest Notre Dame?