Clay Bennett Rips On HS Cheerleaders’ Diversity?

It’s already been established that Clay Bennett isn’t that sympathetic of a character, having moved Seattle’s beloved Supersonics to Oklahoma City amid legal threats, local protestations, and less-than-unanimous owner support. But “heartless businessman” can probably describe more NBA owners than not, so is it time to cut Bennett some slack and let him enjoy the OKC?

Clay Bennett Racist Facebook

Of course, by “enjoy,” we mean “take shots at cheerleaders who aren’t white.” Same thing, really. That above conversation was taken by BEND IT LIKE BENNETT, a Thunder-themed blog, from the Facebook page of Graham Bennett (Terrorist fist jab: THE SPORTING BLOG). Graham, as you’ve probably already guessed, is Clay Bennett’s son, and apparently just a real big fan of his old man and his riffs on race (let’s call it Claycism).

Oh, and just in case you were curious, yes, it gets worse. Read more…