Toss From Marlins Player Almost Takes Out Regis

There he was - Regis Philbin tossing out the first pitch for the Marlins on Monday. The TV talk show host came down to show support for the South Florida baseball club that he says he’s become a fan of.

Regis Philbin Hanley Ramirez

And what thanks does Regis get for coming out to the ballpark and cheering on the Marlins? Almost a trip to the hospital, courtesy of Hanley Ramirez.

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NFL Draft in Prime Time, Expanded to Three Days?

“Who Wants to be a Millionaire” returns to ABC this summer for an eleven-episode “event”: Regis Philbin will reprise his role as America’s money tease in hopes of attracting eyeballs inexpensively with otherwise mundane content presented breathlessly.

Regis Philbin at Notre Dame

(”… and that’s how I parlayed a ridiculous catchphrase into a house in the Hamptons and a production shingle at Sony.  Now go get ‘em, Irish!”) 

Of course, ABC smothered the franchise a decade ago by discovering they had a massive hit almost accidentally and then riding Regis like a thoroughbred until the show collapsed from overexposure and shuffled off to syndication while Regis was sent back to his daypart pasture.  However, programmers never learn, which is why ABC (via ESPN) and the NFL seem bent on ruining the NFL Draft by expanding it to three days and showing it in prime time.

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Philbin: “I like having ‘roid rage. I think it’s funny”

MDS at FANHOUSE unearths bizarre video of Regis Philbin today talking rather flippantly about his use of steroids:

Reege: “Steroids have gotten a bad rap. I mean, boy, oh boy, everybody’s condemning them and you’re not allowed to have them.

There’s a lot of things I don’t want to ever think about, with Philbin taking a needle in the butt at the very top of that list. I doubt he’s done that, but a botox needle to the forehead is a completely different story. Read more…

SbB Faces Curt Schilling This Week in Strat-O-Matic Action

• This week, SbB’s Royals takes on Curt Schilling’s Red Sox in hot SPORTING NEWS Strat-O-Matic action:

SbB Girl Charity KC hat Curt Schilling

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• 100% INJURY RATE plops in front of the tube, as they enjoy these old-school athlete commercials:

Magic Johnson 7up TV ad

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• WAGGLE ROOM gets its groove on, as Justin Timberlake joins the PGA Tour:

Justin Timberlake Caddyshack Gopher

• MR. IRRELEVANT is bedeviled by Duke’s next Great White Hope.• NATION OF ISLAM SPORTSBLOG tries to let the echoes sleep, as they root for Duke over Notre Dame this weekend.

Trent Green, take note - Oregon State’s Lyle Moevao shows you how a QB should block a defender:

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