False Fraud Charge To Coverup Indy Colt’s Affair?

Indianapolis TV station Fox 59 reports a local woman is claiming that a credit card fraud allegation against her is the result of her being outed as the mistress of Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne.

Reggie Wayne Mistress Photos Natasha McKenzie Reggie Wayne Wife Photos

(Woman has photos, receipts related to trysts with the married Wayne)

Recently 15 FBI agents raided 26 year-old Natasha McKenzie’s home, taking many of her belongings after she was suspected of stealing Wayne’s Huntington Bank debit card and charging nearly $100,000 on it.

The raid was spurred by a police report filed by Wayne last month:

A police report filed in April said Wayne was contacted by a department store about an attempted transaction and he learned that up to 333 charges had been made on the account since September.

The report said Wayne didn’t know how the woman got the number. 

McKenzie told Fox 59 she was blindsided by the raid, saying, “Reggie gave me all of his credit card information I still have a record of everything he gave me.Read more…

Fuming Fielder Attempts To Attack LA Clubhouse

Prince Fielder gets royally p.o.’ed at Guillermo Mota for plunking him, then tries to crash the Dodgers’ clubhouse after the game.

Prince Fielder

(Look out! Here he comes!)

• Tulsa, Oklahoma, has hopes to host the 2020 Olympics. If they can get a spokesperson like Katarina Witt, then we might just listen.

Reggie Wayne comes to Colts camp in a dump truck & decked out in construction worker gear. Your move, Clinton Portis.

• The NHL plans to suspend & not pay any players who get hurt during any Olympic summer training camp.

Frank Deford dresses down ESPN, calling the Worldwide Leader a “journalistic disgrace“.

Read more…

Reggie Wayne’s Metaphors Get More Confusing

Poor Clinton Portis — he had this schtick all ready to go for Week 3. Now he’ll have to scrap it, because Reggie Wayne showed up to Colts training camp on Sunday in construction worker’s gear, driving a dump truck. Wayne’s message? It’s time to get to work on construction of the road to the Super Bowl.

Reggie Wayne

Of course, knowing state highway construction workers like I do, it could also mean “We’ve spent three years building this overpass and we’re still not done.” Will the Colts also take two hour lunch breaks, the second hour of which they’ll be charging double overtime? The answer is unclear. Read more…

No ‘I’ in Colts Team, But There’ll Be a ‘Me’ On Sun.

With a first-round AFC playoff bye all sewn up, the Indianapolis Colts look to rest most of their starters in their regular season finale - but not until they set some personal records.

The INDIANAPOLIS STAR notes that some individual marks are on the line against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday:

Peyton Manning sitting

• QB Peyton Manning only needs 55 yards passing to reach 4,000 for the year - and extend his own record for consecutive 4,000-yard seasons to 8.

• And he can throw 8 of those passes to Reggie Wayne, who needs the catches and 77-yards to reach 100 catches & 1,500 yards for the season.

• Peyton can also fling a few to Dallas Clark, who needs 129 yards to move up to #3 on the all-time club receiving record for tight ends.

• A couple of red-zone handoffs to Joseph Addai could help the Colts’ RB set some season rushing records: 2 TDs would give Joe 14 on the year, third-best ever for the team; 6 TDs will break the season record of 17 set by Edgerrin James in 1999.

Jim Sorgi Colts

So, there’s still plenty at stake at the RCA Dome this weekend. At least until halftime - then the Jim Sorgi Experience gets ready to rock the house!