Rural? Reggie Theus Freshens Up Blogger Cliches

Reggie Theus, via, on bloggers: “They’re very irritating because half of them don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. But it’s a nice venue for people who live in rural areas that don’t get a chance to come in contact with people.

“... They don’t get a chance to come in contact with real people, so they get on the blogs and make up stuff. … For the most part, (bloggers are) a real pain in the ass.”

Reg, shouldn’t that be “were” a pain in the ass? And don’t you have a bus to catch?

NBA All-Star Game: Curtain Falls on Suns’ Porter

(Ed. Note: SbB correspondent Tuffy attends the NBA All-Star Game in Phoenix and finds the biggest celebrity watering hole in the desert since Frank Sinatra last visited Palm Springs.)

If Friday is for the kids and Saturday’s the night to enjoy the circus with all its rigging, Sunday is the night to be seen. Industry Night (aka the NBA All-Star Game) is definitely the night of the company picnic, where all the vendors, sponsors, and celebrities all try to get something out of each other.

NBA China at the NBA All-Star Game

(NBA China’s Craig Sager made this fan put down his beer before the interview)

A few fans are allowed to rub elbows with the NBA, but it’s mostly the NBA family in attendance. This helps explain the quiet of the crowd; they’re all out on the concourse schmoozing or mustering the energy to make it to the post-game parties to rub elbows and trade business cards.

We sat next to the casting director for the halftime NBA Cares spot and it was all she could do not to spot co-workers on the project or other videos. We tracked people all weekend who could barely muster the strength to attend the arena-based events but rallied to hit the parties. It’s entirely possible only the rubes (like us) actually attended the games.

Reggie Theus at the NBA All-Star Game

(”No, no… I was in ‘Hang TIME’. You weren’t too far off with your first guess, though, if you know what I mean.  And you do… ladies.”)

Which means the slightly lackluster game itself and the ridiculous waste of text messages involved in the MVP vote (how do you tie in millions of text messages?) left didn’t distract the crowd much from its first duty: spotting the celebrities.  Our rough count before our non-celebrity heads ’sploded:

Mike Breen, Snoop Dogg, Brian Grazer, Darryl Dawkins (wearing some kind of dead plastic animal), Scottie Pippen, Bob Lanier, Carlos Zambrano, and Billy King, who is only an NBA celebrity, but that’s a man that needed to bring a stack of business cards with him last weekend.

For the record (and since they wanted the story buried so badly), the two men we didn’t see Sunday were Terry Porter and Steve Kerr, perhaps because Kerr and Suns owner Robert Sarver chose to wait until the start of the All-Star Game itself to dump Porter in the desert, despite denials otherwise. Turn out the lights; the party’s over.

And now a bit of the ol’ photo essay, including some of the people mentioned above and how NHK keeps their ratings high…

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NY Giants Try To Cover Up Busty Fan’s Bravado

• The New York Giants don’t appreciate one fan’s busting out of support.

Sondra Fortunato

T.O. has a new target for his temper tantrums: ESPN’s Ed Werder.

• Some Flyers float in to have some fun at a Philly frat party.

• The Arena League season, which was off, then on, is now off again.

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Reggie Theus Fired; Is Still A Very Handsome Man

It’s Monday. If you’re an NBA coach, that means there’s a decent chance you’re getting fired. The latest to be thrown from the train is Kings coach Reggie Theus, whose coaching experience on “Hang Time” didn’t translate so well into the NBA. Although, to be fair, it’s not like he was given a whole lot to work with.

Reggie Theus poster

The Kings are an absolute mess right now. They’re retiring numbers of notorious floppers and the owner’s out having strokes. The only win in their last 11 games, oddly, is a 12-point victory over the Lakers. Maybe Reggie can now get back into coaching in the WAC and start getting clowned by kids from Utah again.

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What, No Tiger Woods Vs. “Real World” Ruthie?

Musician Ryan Parker has a fun ditty on sports look-a-likes which was set to video:

Coach Who Looks Like Vince Gill

I’m personally partial to Mike Holmgren vs. Martin Mull and/or Bernie Williams vs PBS cartoon character Arthur.

Sports Lookalikes

But like Charles Barkley vs. Bob Knight for the 1984 Olympic Team, they didn’t make the cut. Video after the jump. Read more…

Ron Artest Loses Tooth In Collision At Sacramento Kings Practice


Ron Artest missing tooth

KXTV in Sacramento grins and bears it, as the Kings forward lost an incisor during a collision at Thursday’s practice.Players couldn’t remember if it was Darryl Watkins or John Salmons that Artest banged into, but they couldn’t forget seeing the big gap in Ron’s mouth where his front tooth used to be.

Dentist drawing

(George W. Bush checks for cavities of mass destruction)

However, Artest could have saved his fang if he saw his dentist, like he was supposed to. Kings coach Reggie Theus said the tooth was already loose, but Artest didn’t show up to his Wednesday appointment to have it fixed.Even with the missing molar, Artest apparently got up quick and went back to practice. Theus commented, “You know how tough Ron is.”

Yep, so tough that he’s currently serving a seven-game suspension for a domestic abuse charge earlier this year.

Yahoo Kings error Bobby Clarke missing teeth

But, Artest playing with missing teeth? Maybe YAHOO SPORTS had it right all along - he *is* a hockey player.

Utah St. Fans Hold Reggie Theus Lookalike Night; Bad ‘Staches, Body Oil Prevail

BODY OIL, BAD STACHE ASIDE, THEUS’ AGGIES FLYIN’ HIGH: One of the feel good stories of college basketball this season is the New Mexico State Aggies. Once the downtrodden team of the WAC, NMSU is 21-6 this season.

Reggie Theus Utah State Lookalike Contest

The mastermind behind the turnaround is Reggie Theus. Yes, the former NBA pretty boy and “Coach Bill Fuller” from that mid-90s NBC masterpiece “HangTime“.

Reggie Theus Hangtime

But the LAS CRUCES SUN-NEWS reports that lately, things have gotten a little out of hand with NMSU students during home games, so Coach Theus met with many of the game attendees at the on-campus student center this week to implore them to stop using profanity in their chants.Apparently screaming (in unison) “Nice shot a–hole” is a time-honored tradition at the Pan American Center.

Reggie Theus

Theus to the students: “Be creative, do your thing without profanity. There’s a lot of other ways to do it. I’m not telling you what to do, but if you do your part we’ll continue, as a team, to do our part.“When the former NBAer, known for his chiseled looks, speaks of “creative” fans, he knows of what he speaks.

Recently Utah State students held a “Reggie Theus Lookalike Night” as USU hosted NMSU in hoops. The look was based upon this priceless poster that Theus posed for back in the ’80s:

Reggie Theus poster

And thankfully, the memorable proceedings were captured, bad stache, body oil and all, on YouTube:

Reggie Theus Utah State Lookalike Contest