Week In Review: Pitino Pays $3,000 For Abortion

Rick Pitino’s reputation has taken a huge hit, as the Louisville b-ball coach impregnated the woman who’s been trying to extort him, then paid $3,000 for the abortion.

Rick Pitino Karen Sypher

And now Karen Sypher says her marriage to Cardinals equipment manager Tim was all just a sneaky plot by Pitino to keep an eye on her. But hey, don’t blame Rick - blame 9/11!

• The release party for the new Miami Dolphins cheerleaders bikini calendar was quite the spectacle.

Jay Mariotti denies that he’s going to be writing for the Chicago Tribune. Can’t wait to see Jay’s debut column in the Trib on September 1st!

Manny Ramirez gets a memorable reception from San Francisco Giants fans - the same kind of reception that Barry Bonds used to get everywhere else except in the Bay Area.

• Engaged Malibu fashion designer Ali Kay may have encouraged Reggie Miller’s unwanted advances by sending the ex-NBA star photos of herself in bed & in a bikini. At least Ali’s still pretty good at making clothes.

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Rick Pitino Pays Woman $3,000 To Have Abortion

Rick Pitino paid $3,000 to escape the possibility of parenthood with the woman accused of extorting him. Will Louisville keep Rick in the Cards?

Rick Pitino Pat Forde Karen Sypher

• No wonder Reggie Miller has been so smitten with Ali Kay - she’s quite the fashion designer.

• The Pittsburgh Steelers show their own version of the shotgun formation.

• Kids at a Virginia basketball camp learn that Michael Vick is a wholesome, blameless creature.

• Whoever took it, please give Baron Davis’ laptop back - he has some “private images” he’d like to keep private.

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Object Of Miller’s Affection Shows Fashion Sense

While the whole Reggie Miller-Ali Kay-Alex Von Furstenberg flirting fiasco plays out, we would be remiss in not acknowledging Ms. Kay’s contributions to the world of high-priced clothing.

Ali Kay Keep Me fashions

(Ali [inset], with some samples of her wearable wares)

Yes, like her soon-to-be (maybe) mother-in-law Diane Von Furstenberg, Ali is a fashion designer - she started the Keep Me line along with fellow fashionista Anne des Barres. In fact, it was Diane who brought the two together to churn out dresses ‘n’ tops ‘n’ bottoms ‘n’ such.

And thanks to FABSUGAR, we can sample some of the fashionable results, as modeled by this lovely … er, model (pics after the jump):

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Manny Being Booed By Bonds-Loving Giants Fans

• Suspected steroid abuser Manny Ramirez gets a rude reception from San Francisco Giants fans - the same Giants fans who were so passionate in supporting suspected steroid abuser Barry Bonds.

Manny Ramirez Giants fan sign

• 49ers coach Mike Singletary makes a mountain out of a molehill, forcing QB Alex Smith to watch the rest of practice from high above.

Bobby Bowden would like to share his prostate problems with you.

• EA sports donates advanced copies of Madden 10 to a U.S. submarine crew who are shipping out before the game’s official release date.

• Would it really kill the NHL to let Jim Balsillie move the Phoenix Coyotes to Hamilton, Ontario?

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Reggie Miller’s New Friend May Not Be So Innocent

When we first learned of Reggie Miller’s alleged harassment of (and philandering with) “married women,” we were a little perplexed - he doesn’t seem like the type to do that, if only because we can’t imagine someone that goofy-faced actually talking to women or having a healthy libido. No offense to the man, but he doesn’t exactly look like someone who’s going to steal your girl.

Texts Reggie Miller Ali Kay
(Reggie, you’re scaring us. She, however, is not.)

And so when we hear that Ali Kay, the fiancee in question (yeah, not even married to begin with; whoops) was a willing participant in the whole (sexless) ordeal, well, we can’t be completely shocked. But give Reggie some credit: If the above pictures are any indication, he’s got good taste.

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Reggie Miller Making Moves On Malibu Fiancee?

Reggie Miller has always been a polarizing figure in the NBA. His fans in Indiana adored his scrappy play, merciless sharpshooting, and gregarious off-the-court nature, but he also had many, many detractors who called him a cheapshot artist with a one-dimensional game.  In retirement, he’s been a pretty decent analyst on TNT, even when his mouth’s gotten him into a little trouble.

Reggie Miller Ali Kay

We’d heard all the arguments either way about his play, and read both good and bad reviews about his abilities as an analyst, but we hadn’t heard much about his off-camera life. But if some new allegations posted by HOLLYWOOD STREET KINGS’ turn out to be true, you can add womanizer and stalker to the list of terms used to describe the NBA Hall of Famer.

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Charles Barkley Gets ‘Catty’ On ‘Inside The NBA’

One of the time-honored traditions in most forms of sports broadcasting is the shout-out to/thanking of the production staff at the end of games. It’s a nice little gesture to let audiences know that it takes much more than a couple of talking heads to put on a sportscasts; none of the blowhards on camera could do their thing without the producers, directors, cameramen, and other hard-working people behind the scenes. TNT’s INSIDE THE NBA, however, ain’t “most forms” of broadcasting, and loudmouth Charles Barkley ain’t “most broadcasters.”

Charles Barkley


After last night’s game, a 103-90 Orlando Magic beatdown of the Cavs that sent the Magic to the NBA Finals and signaled the end of the season’s TNT NBA broadcasts, the INSIDE THE NBA crew assembled to thank their production staff. Everything went fine until Sir Charles let loose, calling executive producer Tim Kiely … well, a “cat”, in a manner of speaking. Video impropriety, including an unprovoked potshot at Kenny Smith’s family jewels, after the jump.

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Scot Pollard Rubs Cheryl Miller The Wrong Way

If you’re not watching NBA TV, you should probably…well, you should probably continue not watching it, and just wait for the YouTube clips of the good stuff. And this is definitely good stuff.

Cheryl Miller and Scot Pollard

Cheryl Miller took offense to co-analyst Scot Pollard missing the pregame and halftime shows due to “mechanical problems” with his flight. When he shows up for the postgame show, and blames the mechanical problems on the weight of his championship ribg, well, Miller pretty much loses her s**t on live TV. See video of why TNT might have found its designated crazy replacement if Barkley relapses, after the jump.

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Bank Robbers Use Jersey Numbers As Code Now

Pennsylvania residents Trammel Bledsoe and Phillip Sainsbury are not exactly model citizens.  In fact, they’re bank robbers (though they aren’t related to Deidra Lane) who are currently in prison after getting busted by the cops.  They also happen to be sports fans, and have found a fun new way to use sports knowledge to help commit crimes.

Reggie Bush

While Bledsoe is in prison he knows his telephone calls are being recorded.  So when he called his friend Joshua Burton to give him instructions on where to find the gun he ditched and the $3,500 he stole from the bank, he had to come up with some kind of code to let Burton know where to find the loot.  So he used athletes and their jersey numbers to give locations.

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Reggie Miller Says He Shoots Ball From Where?

INSOMNIAC’S LOUNGE has a great find from last night’s NBA three-point competition: Reggie Miller talking about what basketball players call the three-point arc. Apparently, it’s the titty. Um, take it away, Mr. Miller:

This is going to completely revolutionize the way I play H-O-R-S-E. Among other things. Read more…