Coach K/Obama Clash Threatens World Peace

Any story that begins with Barack Obama and Coach K sounds like a joke, and they’re about to be joined in a bar by a priest, a rabbi and an imam. But this is no joke: a minor tiff between the Duke coach and the fricking President of the United States threatened to spiral out of control, dragging our country into a second civil war.


What started as a jab by Krzyzewski at Obama over his snub of Duke in his NCAA bracket has required a team running damage control, including Krzyzewski’s wife Mickie, Obama’s aide Reggie Love, and an ESPN investigative team. Everything seems cool now, but for a while there, Coach K might have been the leadership of the Republican party.

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Blog Jam: Bears Driver Licensed To Irk Pack Fans

John Jagler of 620 WTMJ in Milwaukee puts out an APB for this Bears motorist in Wisconsin taking license with a playful poke at the Packers.

Bears Packers license plate

• Not to be outdone by literary giant Jose Canseco, PUBLISHERS WEEKLY prints out word that Larry Bird & Magic Johnson will be teaming up to write a book together about their long-time rivalry & friendship.

• So, what’s Avery Johnson been up to these days? Well, THE MERKIN SPORTS drives up video oft the ex-Mavs coach now selling cars.

Sam Smith of HOOPS HYPE guzzles down the opinion that it’s alcohol and not marijuana that should be the biggest cause of the NBA’s concern.

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Ex-Duke B-Baller Serving As Obama’s Point Man

YARDBARKER via SCOTT VAN PELT STYLE passes along the job status of Reggie Love, former Duke basketball player who’s now serving as Barack Obama’s personal point man.

Reggie Love Barack Obama

Among the various duties Reggie does for the Democratic presidential candidate is to keep Obama in top form with a little one-on-one. Read more…